2019 conference Speakers: 


Dr. Nader Saiedi

Topic: The Bab and the Perspective of the Heart

Reconstruction of the Concept of Human Being in the Worldview of the Bab

Dr. Nader Saiedi


Dr. Firaydoun Javaheri

Topic: Peaceful Coexistence

Dr. Firaydoun Javaheri


Dr. Roshan Danesh

Topic: “The Lessons and Limits of Peaceful Co-existence”


Dr. Roshan Danesh


Dr. Ghasem Bayat

Topic: Inner Peace & Outer Peace

Dr. Ghasem Bayat



Ms. Masih Ali Nejad

Topic: Role of media in promoting culture of Peace

Ms. Masih Ali Nejad



Musical Performance: Ms. Sonbol Taefi Concert

Musical Performance: Ms. Sonbol Taefi Concert





Speakers 2018

Mr. Siamak Hariri

Mr. Siamak HaririChile House if Worship

The Chile Temple: Exploring a Sacred Experience in a Secular World

معبد شيلى: كاوشى روحانى در جهانى سكولار

Dr. Aram Hessami

Dr. Aram Hessami

Differences, Similarities, Discourses in Dispute and Maybe a Way Out!

اختلافات، اشتراکات، جدال گفتمانها و شاید راهی‌ برای گریز

Mrs. Shokooh Mirzadegi

Mrs. Shokooh Mirzadegi

The Role of Women in Building a Tolerant Culture and a United World

نقش زنان در ساختن فرهنگ مدارا و اتحاد جهانی

Dr. Behrooz Sabet

Dr. Behrooz Sabet

  1. Education, the Foundation for a United World
    • (تعلبم و تربیت شالودۀ جهانی متّحد (بخش ١ و ٢
  2. Toward a Global Civilization: Challenges and Opportunities
    • بسوی تمدّنی جهانی: چالشها و فرصتها

Mrs. Farzaneh Sabetan and Mrs. Sahar Sanai

Mrs. Farzaneh Sabetan and Mrs. Sahar SanaiMrs. Farzaneh Sabetan and Mrs. Sahar Sanai

Compassion: “The Key to Transform Otherness to Oneness”

“همدلی:” کلیدِ تبديل بیگانگی به يگانگی

Dr. Mohsen Sazegara and  Dr. Aram Hessami

Dr. Mohsen Sazegara

Dasht é Andooh (Valley of Sorrow): The Oral History Project of “Dyaar é Jannan”

“دشت اندوه: “پروژه تاريخ شفاهی بنام ديار جانان

Dr. Siyamak Zabihi Moghadam and Mrs. Farzaneh Sabetan

Dr. Siyamak Zabihi Moghadam

The Contribution of the Family and Men to Unity and World Peace

سهم خانواده و مردان در دستیابی به یگانگی و صلح جهانی


Last years’ Speakers

Roya Akhavan

The Role of Mass Media in Social Transformation

Muin Afnani

Discourse and its impact on Social Change

Bicentenaries of the Twin Holy Birthdays

Ghassem Bayat

A Sustainable Development demands a simultaneous evolution of Individual and Society

Cognition of the mutual relations and influences between Individuals and Society

Hooper Dunbar

Effective Steps to Transformation & Service (Part 1)

Effective Steps to Transformation & Service (Part 2)

The Living Book

Nader Saeedi

Independent Investigation as Individual and Social Reform

Reconstruction of Mysticism in Baha’u’llah’s Writings

Sahar Beyram Abadi

Empathic Connection, A Language of Life